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Gary Lane's
Wapiti River Guides

Wapiti - an Indian word for elk. It's bugling is a primal call to the wild, and represents our call to you for back to nature river get-aways.

Big Fun On The Big Creeks
Idaho and Oregon

 Dory, Raft, and Kayak

Pull the plugs that have you harnessed to our modern techno-world contraptions and more appreciate your own energy. Within, and with nature is where your real power is. That is where we go, and offer to take you: to a place primed with the wonder and mysteries of nature. We are river elder alchemists ready to use the river's magic to turn your experiences into meaningful memories forever.  To live large, seek simplicity.

Small group, personalized river engagement into the middle of nowhere, is our way to accommodate simplicity and share with you the enchanting ways of nature. Exploring mystery is what we do. Awaiting discoveries are up to you.

208-628-3523 (if by cell phone)
800-488-9872 (otherwise)


Lower Salmon River (ID) 1/2 to 5 day trips (year round)

Grande Ronde River (OR) 3-5 day trips (spring, summer, fall)

  Owyhee Rivers (OR) 3-6 day trips  (spring only)

Types of trips we do:

Whitewater - scenic mild to wild,  year round
Steelhead Fishing - spring and fall
Salmon Fishing - spring only
Chukar Safaris - fall only
Theme Trips - natural mystery- year round

Reading Nature’s Language and the River's Talk is what we do best.

Led by trained wildlife biologist with emphasis on natural history and the human landscape.

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About our Family Reunion trips

Time and again, grandmothers and grandfathers have entrusted us with escorting the mult-generational members of their families down the river.

 Wild or Mild

So why Wapiti?  

Unusual journeys, uncommon experiences, and non - conventional style are three good reasons.   Wapiti doesn’t conform to the normal cookie-cutter guide service. Yes, we dance to a different drum beat. We aren't trying to be the biggest or the best outfit in the world. Five star gourmet meals and one-upmanship is not our aim.  Our food is good, but more time is spent seeing extra things the river has to offer than losing it to all that preperation required in the kitchen for fancy impressions.

We also don't dilute our attention between tons of other rivers. Rather, we continue increasing our depth of understanding to the Lower Salmon in Idaho and two river's in Oregon: Grande Ronde and Owyhee.  We value learning more intimately the places we offer sharing with others.

Why does it matter who you travel with?  The same reason it matters when you choose to fly on an airline with a highly experienced pilot like “Sully” Sullenberger who successfully crash-landed a US Airways jet in the Hudson River after it lost both engines in a collision with a flock of geese. Or the same reason it matters when choosing a surgeon to operate on you or a family member.  

When you choose to participate in a risk taking adventure:

What else matters?

Special (non sexist) note to women:

Because so many women have expressed some concerns that prevent them from wanting to sign up for any of our trips, I would like to address two pre-conceived notions: intensity of whitewater and what to do about restroom needs.

Intensity of rapids

Looking at photos/videos, hearing hair raising stories, or seeing a river from the road, are not the same as actually being on the water. Perspectives matter, as do false expectations.  Based on our history, many women (even men)  that are apprehensive about whitewater, but are talked into a trip by friends, soon discover it is less intimidating and more fun than they ever expected. Must go to know is the bottomline. Also, we take extra time to match your interests to the right section of river and appropriate time to run before you ever step into a boat. We offer various levels of whitewater intensities, for a diversity of experiences, including very mild rapids (or none at all) and for more scenic/cultural attractions.  Big rapids  and/or monster high water trips are  also available for those with hyper active  adrenal glands. 

Restroom Needs

Restrooms matter, too. We have a porti-potti system that is comfortable and easy. It is always set up in a timely fashion with special attention to seclusion and privacy in mind. And a scenic view.

Mild or Wild

"You can't hold a free flowing river in a bucket,
any more than you can dance without moving to the music."

- Gary Lane


But what we say matters little, compared to what others say:

"One of a kind experience:

June 19, 2009 - Wapiti River Guides is one of those amazing vacation "finds" that you run across every now and then. This is a small outfit, which has been in business for over 30 years. 

The owner and river guide, Gary, is the reason that this outfit is so special. Gary is a professional and extremely knowledgeable about the river and the natural nature around it. He is college educated in wildlife management, but several decades ago he adopted the Native American lifestyle...We felt 100% safe with Gary, he is clearly a pro and knows every drop of water in the rivers of this region. Needless to say, the scenery is stunning beyond belief. You will be amazed every second of this trip."

Sara Sawyer - Austin, TX

Rivers make good medicine with us, we make good medicine with rivers.


or if using a cell phone: 208:628-3523


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